Pleo Muc 3x


Pleo (TM) Muc 3X Suppositories

Pleo Muc Suppositories – Homeopathic Analgesic Medicine by Sanum PleoSanum for temporary relief of pain of bruises, sprains, swelling of joints and muscles. European health practitioners report that this remedy is useful as supportive therapy in chronic and acute disturbances of circulatory system, such as

  • thrombosis
  • embolism
  • angina pectoris
  • post infarct
  • varicosities
  • hemorrhoids
  • diabetic gangrene and neuropathy
  • constipation.

It appears to enhance wound healing and relieve wound pain by inceasing microcirculation.

It may be useful as brain function support by inproving circulation and oxygenation.

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