Similiaplex products are homeopathic combination remedies for therapy using a biological holistic treatment approach. The effect of these homeopathic complex remedies is based on the Law of Similars: Treat like (“Similia“) with like using a well-matched complex. This means that homeopathic remedies are taken to further stimulate the specific organs that are producing the symptoms of a disorder or illness in order to activate the body‘s natural defences and self-healing powers. The composition of the various Similiaplex® remedies matches the diseases for which each product is indicated. This results in a rational combination of specific individual stimuli aimed at boosting the healing process and achieving regulation (improvement) of the compromised body. You can do your part to promote the homeopathic healing process and improve your overall health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to comply with the dosing instructions and any advice your health care practitioner may give you.