ACETYL-L-CARNITINE (Biotics Research)



Acety-L-Carnitine (ALC) has been shown to have neuroprotective activity. Enhances energy levels, for muscle fatigue, senile dementia, reduced muscle mass, low sperm motility. Use with elevated blood fats, hyper thyroidism, cardiac stress, liver degeneration and cirrhosis, low carbohydrate diets where weight loss is not evident. Enhances the effect of Vitamin C and E. Use in Vegetarian diets or to initiate ketosis and begin burning fat stores.

Consider using when attempting to increase testosterone levels. ALC has been shown (in vitro) to decrease the glycation of lens protein by acetylating crystallins (lens proteins), thereby protecting them from glycation-mediated damage. ALC is Cardio Protective. Amino Acids are crucial for balanced psychological and brain function. Also indicated for Tinnitus.