Veterinary Medicine

Smith’s Pharmacy has been Serving the Veterinary Profession For Many Decades

Smith’s Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy is a veterinary pharmacy specializing in veterinary medicine, prescription veterinary medications and treatments for many different animals. Our team of veterinary specialists can meet all of unique veterinary pharmaceutical needs and can help physician to make a clinical difference in outcomes.

Veterinary Dosage Forms Currently Being Compounded at Smith’s Pharmacy:

  • Sterile injections
  • Cream, gels, ointments and lotions
  • Individualized concentrated doses
  • Flavoured chewable troches/lozenges
  • Oral suspensions (sweetened as requested)
  • Rectal enemas
  • Topical powders
  • Ophthalmic preparations
  • Otic solutions/insufflations

Each preparation can be individualized to specific concentrated dose, combined together, adjusted for better palatability, and/or medicated within pet’s favorite biscuits/treats. There are endless options to compounding for pets. Compliance can be improved with combination of veterinary medications and various strengths. Even when commercial veterinary medicines are unavailable, thousands of veterinarians turn to Smith’s Pharmacy for assistance.

Veterinary Pharmacy: Customized Veterinary Compounding Needs For Your Pets

Compounding Pharmacists and Veterinarians work together to maximize the therapeutic success, they improve the compliance of pets, in order to reduce the overall cost of animal care. Our veterinary compounding pharmacy has produced a wide selection of compounded pet medications/supplements, including liquids, capsules, flavoured chewables, transdermal gels/creams, suppositories, ophthalmics, otics and many more.

Smith’s Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy Helping Vets and Pets

Smith’s Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy is committed to continue providing high quality service to our community. We invite you to experience the benefits that a compounding pharmacy can offer for your favourite pets, in more effective and efficient manner. Let us know how we can help you, so that the animals in your care get well soon.

Due to COVID-19 circumstance and significant increase in online orders, your order may be delayed. Please wait for your Confirmation Email before proceeding to, or contacting, the pharmacy staff. Our staff is working hard to prepare your order. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.