What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy has been used successfully worldwide for over 200 years and is recognized as the second most therapeutic form of medicine in the world today. It is the fastest growing form of medicine and has had achieved acclaim over the years as it is able to treat patients on a very individual basis.

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that uses micro-doses of natural remedies from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities. It is based on the principle of “like cures like” where a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can be used to cure those same symptoms in a “sick” person. Homeopathy is a holistic practice which treats the symptoms of the body and mind as a totality. Homeopaths recognize that symptoms of ill-health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person, and that the whole person needs treatment, not just the isolated symptoms of a particular illness. This will ensure cure on a mental, emotional and physical plane that is non-invasive, gentle, quick, safe and permanent. Homeopathic medicine can be used preventatively, for chronic conditions as well as for acute conditions.

History of Homeopathy

Homeopathy was first defined by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany in the 18th century. The word Homeopathy comes from the Greek homeo (meaning similar) and pathos (meaning suffering) and its origins can be traced back to the times of Hypocrates.

Dr. Hahnemann found that symptoms of a poisoning could be cured by administering the poison through a homeopathic preparation – the symptoms that the poison created can also be cured with the same poison in different concentration. This is called “Similia Similibus Curentur”, which means “like cures like”.

Dr. Hahnemann was a Medical Doctor who ran his own practice. He was disillusioned by the way medicine was being conducted and the way patients were being treated for their ailments (through bloodletting, purging, leeches and the use of toxic chemicals) during the time. He closed up shop and began to work as a chemist while translating medical texts. He started to translate William Cullen’s Materia Medica into German and through that translation sought to find a better means of providing healthcare using the principle of “Similars”. Dr. Hahnemann became particularly interested with the South American tree-bark (Chincona) because it was being used to treat malaria induced fever. In 1790, he began his first homeopathic experiment by ingesting a toxic amount of the bark. He found that the bark produced symptoms in him (a healthy person) that were malaria-like and came to the conclusion that if a crude dose of a substance can create symptoms in a healthy person, an infinitesimal dose of the same substance can cure those very symptoms in a “sick” person.

After translating Cullen’s work, Dr. Hahnemann spent the next six years experimenting on himself, his family and a growing group of followers. He wrote scientific papers on his findings and he was persecuted for his thoughts but the popularity of Homeopathic Medicine grew. Dr. Hahnemann kept meticulous records of his findings and together with his clinical trials developed a homeopathic clinical practice. He introduced the concept of potentization as well as using the totality of the patient’s symptoms to cure and was able to successfully treat his patients. Dr. Hahnemann practiced homeopathy for 50 years until his death in 1843.

Homeopathy had a large impact on medicine: the first Homeopathic Hospital opened in 1832 and Homeopathic Medical schools opened all around Europe. Homeopathic practitioners often had better therapeutic results than did their allopathic counterparts and the public took notice, demanding better care from all physicians. Today, homeopathy is integrated into healthcare systems around the world as the public has taken greater interest in complementary and natural approaches to healthcare.

What is a Nosode?

In homeopathy, there is a special type of remedy called a nosode. A nosode (from nosos, the Greek word meaning disease) is a homeopathic preparation made from matter from a sick animal or person. Substances such as respiratory discharges or diseased tissues are used. It sounds repulsive, but the preparation, using alcohol, as well as the repeated dilution and succussion, essentially renders the substances harmless, while producing a powerful remedy. The use of nosodes in a prophylactic manner, for preventing disease, has been employed in veterinary and human homeopathy for many years. It is supported by various holistic veterinarians and authors.

*Please note that Nosodes as well as Drug Remedies are not available in any retail store ,but only available to professionally trained Homeopaths. These standards have been set by the FDA .

What you need to know when buying a remedy?

The remedies are little pellets and come in small plastic vials normally of 80 pellets each. In Canada, there are only a few homeopathic companies, Boiron , UNDA and Homeocan. Boiron is more common and well known. Boiron and Homeocan are French companies and their Canadian head offices are based in Quebec. UNDA is made by Seroyal and is from the USA.

You will probably notice that there are numbers beside the remedies name as well as letters. For example, you see that the Arnica bottle says “Arnica Montana 30 CH?. This number indicates the potency of the remedy. The higher the number, the higher and stronger the potency. The letter/s after the number will indicate the way the remedy is prepared.

Please don’t use another preparation unless after consultation with your practitioner. When you buy a remedy that HASN’T BEEN RECOMMENDED BY A PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED HOMEOPATHICPRACTITIONER or other health care practitioner that has training in the homeopathic field, you shouldn’t buy a remedy in a higher potency the 30.

What Remedies To Shop For, For A First Aid Kit?

The most common homeopathic first aid remedy no household should do without is, Arnica. It is great for any type of injury, including surgery and dental visits. For kids, Apis is also indispensable, great for bug bites and bee/wasp stings. Ledum is a great infection preventative, give it anytime there is a risk of infection. Hypericum is good for any type of shooting pain (nerve pains), and Bryonia and Rhus-Tox are good for injuries to the muscles, joints and tendons. Ruta is a good for injuries to the bone. Another one that would be important to mention is Symphytum. It speeds the healing of broken bones and fractures, and should be given in a low potency (6C) over a period of weeks. Staphysagria is worth mentioning as well, it is useful for incised wounds, when there has been cutting with a knife (such as after surgery).

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