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Smith's Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy in Toronto and Vaughan is staffed by knowledgeable and licensed Compounding Pharmacists, Pharmacy Assistants, Naturopathic Doctors, Certified Health Nutritionists, and Homeopaths.

Our compounding pharmacy uniquely offers in house laboratory compounding of medications and injectables.

“We are one of a kind Integrative Pharmacy."

Our Mission

Smith’s Pharmacy, a Toronto and Vaughan based Compounding Pharmacy established over 80 years ago, has a reputation of offering caring personalized service to the community. For the past 35 years, Smith‘s Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy has been dedicated to an integrated, holistic approach to health care. In support of heath care practitioners and their quest for patient wellness, we continue to offer patients a selection of options in the way they choose to prevent disease and promote health.

-Sincerely, Magued (Mike) Hannalah, RPh, BSc Pharm, FACA

Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT)

Compounded Bio-Identical Hormone Preparations are identical in chemical structure to hormones found naturally in the human body. They are derived from sources including, wild yam and soy beans. Conventional (synthetic) hormones are similar, but not identical in chemical structure, to human hormones. They are derived from a variety of sources including pregnant mare’s urine. The chemical structure affects the way the body responds to the hormones. Complications arising from synthetic hormone replacement therapy may be linked to these differences in chemical structure. Read more on our BHRT page.

Natural Remedies & Environmental Health

Smith's Pharmacy is recognized as having one of the largest Professional Naturopathic Dispensaries in Canada. Our General Holistic Dispensary offers an extensive selection of professional product lines of vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, botanical and homeopathic remedies with proven quality and efficacy. We promote prevention against Environmental and Chemical Sensitivities/Allergies, which have been of special interest at Smith‘s Pharmacy for over 25 years.

Contact us for more information about our natural remedies.

Allergy & Hormone and Neurotransmitter Testing Kits Available

Allergy & Hormone Testing available at Smith's Pharmacy Saliva tests more closely reflect levels of bioavailable hormones to help prevent and treat your problems!

Neurotransmitter Test Kits to help understand the brain balance… mood concerns, appetite control, poor mental focus, addiction and dependency, fatigue and sleep disorders, depressed libido, low pain tolerance. When neurotransmitters are properly balanced, concentration and focus are enhanced, and feelings of direction, motivation, and vitality are increased.

Contact us for more information about our test kits.

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Disclaimer: Natural health products and professional product lines listed on our website are only available when recommended by healthcare practitioners and/or IMC healthcare practitioners.

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